Business Consulting Services

A Different Approach to Business

What do you look for in a consultant? Who are they? How can I apply their strategy? How can I expect results? These are just some of the questions you should be asking when considering where to get your advice, let us answer them for you!

Our firm is a different type of consulting service. We have some of the best industry experts and offer unique access to specialist expertise and analytical tools. Our faith-based solutions are innovative and brave. There is always a solution if you are willing to search and apply God-given techniques.

One of the tools we use is Personality I.D.® which will help you with solving the following problems:

    • Getting the right people in the right position.
    • Hiring the best people and placing them correctly.
    • Discovering the design of your staff and develop- and manage them by their design.
    • Increase job satisfaction.
    • Improve the successful placement of staff
    • Increase team effectiveness
    • Achieve higher productivity.
    • Decrease turnover and increase the retaining of your staff.
    • Growing congregations and increase ministry and talent development.


How to Expect Results

Just because you have a financial plan doesn’t mean it is on autopilot. NOW the hard part begins. You need an advisory group that will monitor your progress, review your goals on an annual basis, and makes changes ONLY as needed to your asset allocation.

How often do you do that with your current advisor?

Our clients are provided with a personal login to access hundreds of planning ideas, white papers, and reports on a myriad of topics.
We Stay In Touch with our clients on a regular basis so you âre re never going it alone!

How to Formulate a Strategy

Having the correct tool for the job is the next hurdle many do not focus on in the planning stages. You can’t accomplish a task with the wrong tools, so make sure you have the best mix of products in your portfolio. Asset Allocation is MORE important than market timing or rate of return.

It’s not about how many investments you have, it’s making sure you have the best stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and fixed-interest vehicles for your specific needs.

Many advisors sell products.  What makes KFM different is we take the time needed to discuss your goals and dreams, FIRST, then we build a platform that will accomplish your goals, and only then do we help you implement the products needed to get you to your destination.