Category: Disability Insurance

Getting Help from a Financial Professional

Are you suddenly on your own or forced to assume greater responsibility for your financial future? Unsure about whether you’re on the right track with your savings and investments? Finding yourself with new responsibilities, such as the care of a child or an aging parent? Facing other life events,...
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Individual/Group Disability Policy Alternatives

Individual/Group Disability Policy Alternatives Individual policy Description Conditions Advantages Disadvantages A policy you buy through your insurance agent that pays you disability benefits when you are sick or injured You must meet the underwriting criteria set by the insurance company for occupation, health, habits, avocations, etc. Benefits are tax...
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How Much Disability Income Insurance Should You Have?

How Much Disability Income Insurance Should You Have? The amount of individual disability income insurance you should buy depends on three things: how much income you’ll need if you become disabled, how much money you can afford to spend on premiums, and how much insurance you’ll be able to...
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