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Are life insurance proceeds income taxable?

Answer: In general, life insurance proceeds paid to you because of the death of the insured are not subject to federal income tax. To qualify for such favorable tax treatment, the life insurance contract must meet certain IRS requirements. However, proceeds may be taxable in limited cases. For instance,...
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Maximizing the Estate Planning Value of Life Insurance

Simply put, maximizing the estate planning value of life insurance means getting the most bang for your buck. That is, it involves keeping as much of the proceeds as possible away from the IRS and in the hands of your beneficiaries. When you die, all your worldly goods (e.g.,...
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Review your Insurance Coverage

Are There Gaps in Your Insurance Coverage? Buying insurance is about sharing or shifting risk. For example, health insurance will cover some of the cost of medical care. Homeowners insurance will assume some of the risk of loss in the event your home is damaged or destroyed. But oftentimes...
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