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The Everything Annuity White Paper

Annuities                                                                              FINRA┬« Letter What is an annuity? The contract between purchaser and insurance company An annuity is a contract between you (the purchaser or...
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Indexed Annuities

If you want to limit potential losses while participating in the potentially attractive returns of a market-driven investment but would also like a guaranteed return, an indexed annuity might be worth checking out. The performance of indexed annuities, also referred to as equity-indexed or fixed-indexed annuities, is tied to...
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Types of Investments

Investing for Retirement with Mutual Funds You can invest in all three major asset classes through mutual funds, which pool your money with that of other investors. Each fund’s manager selects specific securities to buy based on a stated investment strategy. Mutual funds offer two key benefits. Because most...
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